Kamarádce se stala taková věc. Jela na výlet na loď a tak strašnym způsobem se tam opila, že ráno vůbec netušila, co dělala. Pak si začala psát s klukem z Německa, vedle kterýho se probudila. Zeptala se ho, co všechno se v noci dělo a přišla jí tahle odpověď. S jejím svolením ji tady zveřejníme (absolutně bez úprav), protože chlapec byl evidentně mimo jiné nadaný i jako spisovatel.

I closed the door and pressed you against it. We made out, I lifted you up, so started to undress my shirt.

We went away from the door, continued to undress each other, basically lying on the floor. You were really direct 😂 well, your pants were down and I started fingering you. You had your knees on the ground, moving back and forth to my movements. That's how they got a little bloody. Well I continued, you moaned and screamed, we kissed, and then you pushed my head down so I could eat you out. That really made me hard. As I said.. I'm still kinda nervous when it comes to Sex. I always was. So, instead I focused on all the other stuff I can to make her feel good. Because it turns me on the most when I have a moaning, screaming and quivering girl before me.. That kinda have under my control with my fingers and my tongue 😋 Well, then you told me to fuck you, I don't know if you already grabbed my dick or something. Well we got naked, I tried to get the condom on but failed. You said it's fine, I was too nervous (and horny) so I thought "alrighty then". I pushed you on the bed, we made out, little fingering here, I told you to moan and scream for me because that gets me going and loosens my tension. You gladly agreed and let it all go. Then I started fucking you. I turned you around, and took you from behind. Pulled your hair, pressed your head down, all that stuff. You were moaning into the pillow. Then, position switch, got you on your back, continuing, I think thats when you bit me the first time. I hold your hands back, and it seemed like you enjoyed to struggle against me while I fucked you.. Then I think another position switch, but got really close to coming. You said it's fine, so I came inside.

After that.. You got up, went to the bathroom and said "you should join me in the shower". So I joined you, but we couldn't really get the water to a nice temperature. We made out a little, you got down on your knees and started to blow me. But, that was a little too soon for me, which I tried to tell you but you didn't really want to listen 😅 we then took a short break.. But then I sat on the bed, you gave me head again, and I swear to God that was the best blowjob I ever had... Like I didn't really react so well to other girls that did this to me.. I don't know.. I just didn't feel a lot.. But you made me rise again. Well we went for second round. You started to ride me and seemed to have a good time, you bit me in the arm, which hurt 😂 Then we stopped,

I felt weird, probably the alcohol wearing of. Nevertheless, you didn't mind. You got off of me, we cuddled, you fell asleep for solid 2 hours 😂 Then my roommate wanted in, I woke you up, you were not amused, but somehow got up and got your clothes on. You were cursing in Czech the whole time till we were in the elevator.. Then I told you I'm German, and you were really confused because you believed I was Czech too 😂