Naše kamarádka Sára z Londýna taky nežije úplně nudnej život. Proto jsme se rozhodly publikovat její příběh. Užijte si to tentokrát v angličtině :)

It is Friday night and we are on the dance floor in a local bar, on a hunt for a girl that would be up to a threesome with us. We have been here for a few hours already and no luck so far. Maybe it's the alcohol, the crowded place or my slowly declining energy but this doesn't seem as fun anymore. Suddently I feel like it is the only reason we are here. As if we forgot to just enjoy each others company in the meantime. I want to get out, immediately. He takes my hand and drags me out to the street.
I'm generally not very good at communicating my feelings with a notice and this is yet another example. He's upset that I don't tell him how I feel but only act when it's too late. If I simply said I'm not having fun anymore, we could have done something about it.
When we get back to the hotel room, he pushes me onto the bed. I can see the anger in his eyes and the need to show me that I am the one he absolutely adores. It turns me on and scares me at the same time. I don't know what to expect. The only thing I know for sure is that this is going to be wild.
"Take your clothes off." He says with a cold face, his eyes starring directly into mine. I obediently do as I'm told. He tells me to face down and lie on my belly. His power is so sexy and I feel my thighs getting wet. I am ready. I am so ready for whatever he wants to do to me. I want all of it.
He places one hand on my backside and I tense, waiting. Lifting his palm, he smacks me, hard, just above the junction of my thighs. I try to rise, but he holds me down with his other hand at the small of my back. He spanks me more and I cry out. The intense pain radiates through my body. Still somehow it is very satisfying. I love when he pushes my limits, making me vulnerable. At this moment, I am completely and only his.
"You will sit on my face and come while fucking my face." he says.
"What if I don't want to?" I reply silently.
He doesn't seem to care and sits me on his face pushing my head onto his cock. I am so horny that it doesn't take long and I shudder around him as my orgasm rips through me. I want to scream but he pushes my head back down. "Don't you dare take my dick out of your mouth." I comply and enjoy the orgasm while I suck him which makes it last even longer. He climaxes soon after.
I roll onto my back and curl up on his side. "No matter what was going to happen tonight, you were always the one I was going to spend the night with." I smile, close my eyes and fall asleep.